Video Projects
Video Processing Software
Open Computer Vision (OpenCV)
Intel's library info
Download directly from SourceForge

RvCAD short for Robot Vision CAD is a drag and drop pipeline editor for video streams or images. Win32 / Linux / OSX

Sony EVI D30/D70 Cameras
Control Software
ViscaCmd.exe - a Windows command line app to send simple Visca commands on a COM port (fixed at 38400 baud 8N1) Readme.txt NOT AVAILABLE YET - the same Windows command line app with VC6 source

libVisca on Sourceforge is a Linux library for Visca commands
j3soft has lots of info and their own software
Thomas Moeslund's site, long discussions and some links

Specs and Diagrams
EVI D30 Command List, VISCA RS-232C, 20 Page PDF
EVI D70 Product sheet, 4 page PDF
Visca Protocol for EVI series, 7 Page PDF
Visca Wiring Diagram pinouts, 1 Page PDF
EVD RS232 Operation Manual, English / Francais / Deutsch / Italiano / Espanol, 69 Page PDF