Serial port Projects and Code
ALL this code should compile on MS Windows, Unix/X11 (linux specifically), and possibly Mac OS-X (untested).

TrollTechQt4 required.
DoxygenDoxygen required to build docs.
GraphvizGraphviz required for doc images.
CygwinCygwin helps on Windows, but isn't required.

Doxygen tag file for Qt 4.3.0 will link to TrollTechs site if you add the following line to the Doxyfile

TAGFILES = "docs/qt-4.3.0.tag ="


qextserialport-qt4.tgz - html docs - Doxygen tag file

Qt class to provide serial access, slightly modified to compile under Qt4

This is known to compile under Windows and Linux with Qt 4.2.1 thru 4.3.0

If it doesn't, make sure Qt4 is installed right by compiling their demos and examples.


ChukTerm Page has all the links. Requires QextSerialPort to be compiled and available in the same directory level. i.e. Uncompress both packages to the same directory then build.


serTest.tgz - html docs - Doxygen tag file

My test app, small serial terminal like qextserialport includes, but uses a custom widget to hold QextSerialPort class. This is probably useless, other than a starting point for future apps.

It attempts to find a list of serial ports, displaying them in the window. For Unix, it seraches for "/dev/ttyS*". For windows, it searches on COM1 through COM16. It could search the registry key
but that wasn't reading back right, except in regedit.


Just the start of an app. Will use QextSerialPort to read GPS data (wired or bluetooth), monitor and store latest data, and listen on a localhost port to provide XML output. The intention is to use this with the Google Maps API, which will allow JSP to retrieve the most recent GPS position in XML. JSP can repeatedly call "center" with the GPS coordinates.

See: Google Maps API

Wii Controllers

Appears to use Bluetooth. Should be some sort of serial protocol, may also use audio connection.

Wii Remote ($40) - Bluetooth, IR Bar position sensing, 3-axis motion sensing, buttons, speaker, rumble.

Nunchuks ($20) - Plugs into Remote, 3-axis motion sensing, analog joystick, 2 trigger buttons