ChukTerm - Serial Terminal with plugins
ChukTerm is meant to provide a standard serial terminal with plugins for monitoring or modifying text as it is sent or received. It interacts like a shell terminal, eventually having a command history (up arrow) - This is non-functional Alpha stage.

Telnet is now supported, part of preperations for a multi-port interface in a single window.

Plugins can do anything from providing local echo, and modifying keystrokes, to logging and graphing data in customized formats.

TrollTechQt 4.5 required to RUN and build. A free Open Source (GPL) version is available to download. The SDK is recomended. Installer gives option for MinGW download (required to build on MS Windows).
The following packages are required to build everything :

plugins/Protek3290 : Plugin for Protek 3290 RF Field Strength Analyzer.
plugins/RS200 : Plugin for RanchSystems product.
plugins/RS200Test : Plugin for testing a RanchSystems product
plugins/XBee : Plugin for configuring XBee modules, a wireless serial port link using ZigBee. Only some of the basic commands are supported.

Latest version
ChukTerm-0.0.97-src.tgz - full source - 608 KB - html docs
ChukTerm-0.0.97-Inst.exe - Windows Installer - 1.7 Megs - Requires Qt to be installed.