PIC Microcontroller Resources
Parts and Supplies
SparkFun Electronics - nice project boards, parts, supplies, modules.
Modtronix Engineering - small PIC boards with many features, some parts and kits.
HVW Technologies - sensors, parts, displays, usb
Hobby Engineering - modular I/O, kits, components, supplies.
Matrix Orbital - LCD, VFD, PLED displays with lots of features

Sony Unilink Bus

DMX Lighting Control
Ujjal's DMX512 - Lots of information on the protocol
Kelly Kohls - Analog/DMX coverters
Simple Lighting Desk - Win32 software desk
DMXControl - Win32 Show Control Software

SMPTE Timecode
Timecode - Everything - Timing specs, charts, graphs, etc
Timecode - Explaination of formats and protocols
Serial Ports
BitBang serial - Interface a PIC to RS232 DB9 with two resistors.