JoystickDialog Class Reference

#include <joystickdialog.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 11 of file joystickdialog.h.

Public Slots

void axisValue (int axis, int value)
void buttonValue (int button, bool value)
void hatValue (int hat, int value)
void ballValue (int delta_x, int delta_y)

Public Member Functions

 JoystickDialog (int num_axes, int num_buttons, int num_hats, QWidget *parent=0, Qt::WFlags f=0)
 Customizing of code for Dialog.ui.

Private Attributes

QSlidersliders [8]
QPushButtonbuttons [16]
QLineEdithats [4]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

JoystickDialog::JoystickDialog ( int  num_axes,
int  num_buttons,
int  num_hats,
QWidget parent = 0,
Qt::WFlags  f = 0 

Customizing of code for Dialog.ui.

Definition at line 7 of file joystickdialog.cpp.

References QGridLayout::addWidget(), buttons, hats, and sliders.

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Member Function Documentation

void JoystickDialog::axisValue ( int  axis,
int  value 
) [slot]

Definition at line 37 of file joystickdialog.cpp.

References sliders.

void JoystickDialog::buttonValue ( int  button,
bool  value 
) [slot]

Definition at line 43 of file joystickdialog.cpp.

References buttons.

void JoystickDialog::hatValue ( int  hat,
int  value 
) [slot]

Definition at line 48 of file joystickdialog.cpp.

References hats.

void JoystickDialog::ballValue ( int  delta_x,
int  delta_y 
) [slot]

Definition at line 65 of file joystickdialog.cpp.

References QByteArray::setNum().

Member Data Documentation

QSlider* JoystickDialog::sliders[8] [private]

Definition at line 18 of file joystickdialog.h.

Referenced by axisValue(), and JoystickDialog().

QPushButton* JoystickDialog::buttons[16] [private]

Definition at line 19 of file joystickdialog.h.

Referenced by buttonValue(), and JoystickDialog().

QLineEdit* JoystickDialog::hats[4] [private]

Definition at line 20 of file joystickdialog.h.

Referenced by hatValue(), and JoystickDialog().

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