BBoB_Module_Base Class Reference

#include <bbob_module_base.h>

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QObject BBoB_Module BusConsoleModule ButtonBlockModule FaderBlockModule FmodModule GlExampleModule LiveUpdateModule SoundModule TestModule

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Detailed Description

A Module contains a set of channels, and list of paramters with values available to all channels.

Prototype for all Modules.

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Public Member Functions

 BBoB_Module_Base (QObject *parent=0, QString module_name="")
QStringList allParams ()
QString getParam (QString param)
void setParam (QString param, QString value)
BBoB_Module_BasegetBase ()
QString getName ()
void setName (QString n)

Public Attributes

QMap< QString, QStringParams
QString name

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BBoB_Module_Base::BBoB_Module_Base ( QObject parent = 0,
QString  module_name = "" 

Creates a new modulebase

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References name.

Member Function Documentation

QStringList BBoB_Module_Base::allParams (  ) 

Returns a list of all parameters in this Module.

Definition at line 38 of file bbob_module_base.cpp.

References QMap::keys(), and Params.

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QString BBoB_Module_Base::getParam ( QString  param  ) 

Returns the value of a parameter in this Module.

Definition at line 45 of file bbob_module_base.cpp.

References QMap::contains(), and Params.

Referenced by TestChannel::Input().

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void BBoB_Module_Base::setParam ( QString  param,
QString  value 

Sets the value of a parameter in this Module.

Definition at line 55 of file bbob_module_base.cpp.

References Params.

BBoB_Module_Base * BBoB_Module_Base::getBase (  ) 

Return a pointer to this base

Definition at line 15 of file bbob_module_base.cpp.

QString BBoB_Module_Base::getName (  ) 

Return name of module

Definition at line 23 of file bbob_module_base.cpp.

References name.

Referenced by Config_Cues::addModParam(), BCore::findModule(), GlExamplePlugin::getDock(), FmodSystemPlugin::getDock(), FaderBlockPlugin::getDock(), ButtonBlockPlugin::getDock(), BBoB_Channel::getModName(), BCore::loadCues(), Config_Cues::RefreshMods(), BBoB_Module::saveChannels(), BCore::saveCues(), Config_Cues::selectChannel(), and Config_Cues::selectModule().

void BBoB_Module_Base::setName ( QString  n  ) 

Set name of module Could be used for renaming modules.

Definition at line 31 of file bbob_module_base.cpp.

References name.

Member Data Documentation

QMap<QString, QString> BBoB_Module_Base::Params

Definition at line 18 of file bbob_module_base.h.

Referenced by allParams(), ButtonBlockModule::ButtonBlockModule(), FaderBlockModule::FaderBlockModule(), getParam(), setParam(), and TestModule::TestModule().

QString BBoB_Module_Base::name

Definition at line 29 of file bbob_module_base.h.

Referenced by BBoB_Module_Base(), ButtonBlockModule::ButtonBlockModule(), FaderBlockModule::dataIn(), ButtonBlockModule::dataIn(), FaderBlockModule::FaderBlockModule(), getName(), BBoB_Module::operator!=(), BBoB_Module::operator==(), and setName().

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